What We Do


The purpose of our core services is to ensure that your business maximises profits. The primary way to increase profits is by increasing gross income.

  • OTC SALES - We review your counter sales and techniques. Provide recommendations to optimise the sales through merchandising, shop layout. In addition, we review your target market and provide sales ideas to satisfy your customer requirements.

  • PRESCRIPTION LEVELS - Your total prescription levels are noted. These levels are then analysed to understand the source and payment of prescriptions. This data is then utilised to create a strategy to increase these levels, through various marketing techniques.

  • ENHANCED SERVICES - We provide support to ensure that your pharmacy provides all the enhanced services as profitably and efficiently as possible.

  • Increasing gross income is only part of the equation. To ensure profit maximisation cost reduction is essential too. This second part of the equation is equally as important as the first.

  • PROCUREMENT - All medicinal purchases made by your pharmacy are reviewed, price comparisons are done between several wholesalers, and best purchase prices are ensured.